The First Four Annual Tapping World Summits Produced Over $6 Million Dollars in Gross Sales and Had Over 500,000 Attendees!


Please Join Us in Promoting the 5th Annual Tapping World Summit, a Proven Event That Will Drastically Improve the Life of Your Subcribers and Pay You BIG Commissions…Starting on Jan. 14th!


Our Goal (which we expect to reach) is to Help Over 400,000 People With This Event and do over $3 Million Dollars in Sales. And We Of Course Want to Share Those Sales with Big Commissions for You!
What Is Tapping and Does It Really Work?

Tapping, most commonly known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a type of energy pyschology that combines eastern medicine and modern pyschology.

It is extremely effective with both physical issues (back pain, headaches, etc) and emotional issues.

If you haven’t yet seen our documentary film "The Tapping Solution" make sure to watch the trailer below:


Arielle Ford on Promoting
The 2011 Tapping World Summit

"I think the content they provide is absolutely stellar and as an affiliate for the Tapping World Summit I made a ton of money and I can’t wait to make more money next year. It’s so good when you can combine something that’s in your heart and your pocket all into the same thing."


What Is The Tapping World Summit?

The Tapping World Summit is an online event that your subscribers can attend for Free (while it is live). Each day, twice a day for ten days, in our "Virtual Seminar Room" the attendees are personally taught how to use tapping for specific issues. They also get to "tap-along" with the experts for the specific topics. They are walked through each section, step-by-step and learn the fundamentals of Tapping all the way through to the more advanced techniques.

They can listen to each presentation while it is live each day. If they want to own the audios, manual, transcripts and bonuses they need to upgrade and purchase.

It is important to note that this is NOT a tele-seminar series with products being pitched. Each presentation is planned out and prepared for ahead of time to deliver the highest level of content and value possible. Each audio is 100% content.

This high level of content is what has made this event convert so well 4 years in a row (just under $1 million in sales the first two years and over $2 million in sales the last 2 years!)


Michael Lovitch from the Hypnosis Network on Promoting The 2011 Tapping World Summit

"…Because these guys have so much integrity and it’s contagious I promoted it and did really well. And the best part is the feedback from my list was almost 100% positive which is very rare. Most people who know me know I don’t send to events or prelaunches so this is really the only launch I will send to the prelaunch for so that says a lot."


How Much Will I Earn as an Affiliate?

We have two price points on the purchase of this event plus several upsells and downsells that come after the purchase. Here is a breakdown of the initial price points and how much you will earn:

Gold Upgrade Option
(Digital Package)
Platinum Upgrade Option
(Hard Copy Package)
IMPORTANT: You Will Also Earn 40% to 50% on Upsells and Downsells!
Our Biggest Affiliate Earned a Staggering $123,228.03 during the 2009 Event!
Will There Be An Affiliate Opt-In Contest?

Of course there will be!

Promotions aren’t nearly as fun without an exciting affiliate contest. We have both an opt-in and overall sales contest.

We haven’t finalized what the prizes will be yet but just to give you an idea here is some of what we gave away last year:

-3 Macbook Pro Computers

-Plasma TV’s


-Flip Cams

-And Much More!

Affiliate Sales Contest

We are once again bringing back the Tapping Solution Affiliate Summit Mastermind Sales Contest!

Here’s the deal….

Just like the 2012 Tapping Solution Afifiliate Summit, this year we will be having two groups attending the summit, only this year we’ve made it better than last year!…

-The top 20 affiliates in sales at the closeout of the summit, are invited to a 3 day mastermind in New York City.

Everyone in the top 20 will also get free access to the top 20 dinner on Thursday night and the party on Friday night. Like last year, some top winners will also win flights to the event and hotel accomodations. We’ll give the exact breakdown of these prizes before the Tapping World Summit begins.

-All affiliates who produce over $5,000 in sales are also invited to the 2nd and 3rd days of the mastermind. Last year these affiliates were only invited to the 3rd day but this year we’ve decided to add on a 2nd day as well. This 2nd day will be run in a seperate room to the top 20 and will be a marketing strategies only day run by Alex. Then on the 3rd day they will join the top 20 in a big, day long mastermind. :)

We’ll release additional details on this event as we get closer to the start of the Tapping World Summit launch in January.

So why is it a must that you attend this event?

Because it promises to be a gathering of some of the best internet marketers and tapping practitioners on the planet! Check out this video about our last Affiliate Summit:


The weekend will be a combination of presentations by key players, both on internet marketing and tapping, along with intimate masterminding where we collectively look at YOUR business and YOUR life to determine how to make quantum leaps.

We are SO excited about this event and we truly believe people will receive more value and more breakthroughs from this weekend than anything else they do this year, or ever!

And remember…

We’re going to be doing a LOT of fun stuff over the weekend. The higher up you are on the sales contest leaderboard the more cool free stuff you’ll win. Some of the free stuff you’ll win is a free dinner in New York, free accomodations for the weekend, and free flights to the weekend!

We’ll be announcing exactly how this works shortly so stay tuned. :)

EFT Expert Carol Look on Promoting
The 2011 Tapping World Summit

"Participating as an affiliate for the Tapping World Summit was a piece of cake. I’m not very good at the techy stuff and Alex made it very very simple with video and directions and emails. It was a very easy process and my group loved getting the emails and loved being notified about the summit because they knew it would change their lives.

Not only was it lucrative for me, it was also personally enjoyable to help the people on my list be a part of the Tapping World Summit"


How Do I Know You’ll Be Able to Convert the Traffic I Send?

Our team (Alex and Nick Ortner plus team) have done a number of successful launches over the last four years. The biggest ones being our 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Tapping World Summits! The biggest of those launches was the 2011 Tapping World Summit which did over $2.5 million dollars in gross sales. Here are some of our launches:

Launch #1 – March 2009
1st Tapping World Summit


Here’s the breakdown on the
first Tapping World Summit so you can
know what to expect from us…


$97 – Digital Download 2,061 sales $199,917.00
$197 – CD’s and Manual 3,072 sales $605,184.00
Total: 5,133 sales Net Sales: $805,101.00


Launch #2 – August 2009
Tapping Insiders Club


Here’s a breakdown of our Membership
Club launch…

This was a mostly in house launch for our membership club.


$19.95 – Month to Month 859 sales $17,137.05
$104 – 6 Month’s Prepaid 462 sales $48,048.00
$189 -1 Year Prepaid 853 sales $161,217.00
Total: 2,001 sales Net Sales: $226,402.05


Since the launch date the membership club has done over $500,000 in gross sales. That’s a lot of recurring commissions! :)


Launch #3 – February 2010
2nd Tapping World Summit


Here’s the breakdown on the second Tapping World Summit…


$97 – Digital Download 2,806 sales $272,182.00
$197 – CD’s and Manual 3,440 sales $677,680.00
Total: 6,246 sales Net Sales: $949,862.00


Launch #4 – November 2010 – "Simply Raw" Film (Our Other Documentary Film and Company)


Here’s the breakdown on this launch…

We sold several options during this launch (and actually made some changes on the product packages during the launch because of testing) Here was the breakdown of this launch:


$14.97 for just the “Simply Raw Film” 2,052 sales $30,718.44
$14.97 for just the “Raw for Life” DVD Set 792 sales $11,856.24
$29.95 for the “Simply Raw” Combo Pack 7,713 sales $231,004.35
$97 for the “Ultimate Combo Pack” 633 sales $61,401.00
$12.47 UPSELL #1 – Food Matters Film 1,537 sales $19,166.39
$67 UPSELL #2 – Chef Teton DVD Set 758 sales $50,786.00
$54.58 POST EVENT UPGRADE #1 94 sales $5,130.52
$67 POST EVENT UPGRADE #2 86 sales $5,762.00
Total: 13,665 sales Net Sales: $415,824.94


Launch #5 – December 2010
Unstoppable Foundation


Here’s a breakdown on this launch…

We sold 10 different product packages during this event (technically they were given away for a donation). There were 10 packages and each one was $100. Here was the breakdown for this launch:


$100 Per Product Order / Donation 1,756 Donations / Orders $175,600
Tapping Solution Donation 462 sales $50,000
Additional Donation: 853 sales $25,000
Total Donation Money Raised:   $250,600


$250,600 Donated to Build Schools in Africa! This 100% Charity Driven Launch Had a Conversion Rate of 10.08%!!!


Launch #6 – February 2011
3rd Tapping World Summit


Here’s the breakdown on the Third Tapping World Summit…


$97 – Digital Download 7,241 sales $702,377.00
$197 – CD’s and Manual 6,523 sales $1,285,031.00
Upsells   $172,773.35
Total: 6,246 sales Net Sales: $2,160,181.35


Launch #7 – October 2011
Pain Relief World Summit


Here’s the breakdown on the Pain Relief World Summit…


$97 – Digital Download 1,717 sales $166,452.00
$197 – CD’s and Manual 1,363 sales $269,046.00
Upsells   $87,203.95
Total: 3,080 sales Net Sales: $522,701.95


Launch #8 – April 2012
4th Tapping World Summit


Here’s the breakdown on the Fourth Tapping World Summit…


Special Silver Pass 23 $1,081.00
$97 – Digital Download 5,029 sales $487,330.00
$197 – CD’s and Manual 5,379 sales $1,060,143.50
Upsells & TS Last Week Promo 6,664 sales $219,303.26
Total: 17,032 sales Net Sales: $1,767,857.76

EFT Expert Margaret Lynch on Promoting
The 2011 Tapping World Summit

"When I mail out as an affiliate on the Tapping World Summit I get so much great feedback from my subscribers…they absolutely love how much great content they get…As an affiliate I feel so well taken care of. The copy is great. The process is great. The contests are fabulous and really a lot of fun so I highly recommend being an affiliate."


What Is the Prelaunch Content I’ll be Sending Out About?
Louise Hay
Mark Hyman

January 14th: Video with Louise Hay – Topic is still TBD as we are still in the filming and editing process.


January 16th: Video with Dr. Mark Hyman. Topic is still TBD as we are still in the filming and editing process.

Nick Ortner

January 19th: Video with Nick Ortner. Topic is still TBD as we are still in the filming and editing process.



January 22nd to Feb 3rd: We recommend sending two emails directly to the registration page for the event. An initial notifier email and a last chance before it starts email.

Are the People I Send Going to Have to Sign Up Every Time I Send Them Over to See a Video?

The answer is simple…No!

The basics of how it works is simple. If you send somebody over and they enter in their email to see Video #1 the system will cookie their computer so that when you send them back to see Video #2 it will recognize them and shoot them past the email sign up page right to the video page.

This makes you look GREAT as an affiliate because your people won’t have to enter their name in over and over again.

What Do I Have to Do?

The Pre-launch for the event starts on January 14th. The first thing you have to do is pencil in (and when I say pencil in, I really mean with a red sharpy marker!) the mailing dates of January 14th, 16th, 19th, 22nd and then if you’re wiling a date between January 29th and Feb. 3rd.

Here’s the email schedule that we recommend:

Step 1 - Send out a solo email on January 14th about the first video with Louise Hay. This is a content piece so it will make your subscribers very happy.

Step 2 – Send out a solo email on January 16th about the 2nd video with Mark Hyman. This is also a content piece.

Step 3 – Send out a solo email on January 19th about the 3rd video with Nick Ortner. This is also a content piece.

Step 4 – Send out a solo email between January 22nd to the 31st. This is to the event registration page.

Step 5 – Send out a solo email reminder about the event starting between January 31st to February 3rd.

I Hope You Join Us for Our 5th Annual Tapping World Summit Starting on January 14th, 2013! It’s Guaranteed to Be a Huge Success Both for the Attendees and You as an Affiliate!

If you have any additional questions please contact us by emailing

If You’re Already an Affiliate you don’t have to do anything right now. We will email you with where to get your links and template emails as we get closer to the January 14th prelaunch date.

Thanks for Your Support!

Alex, Nick and Jessica Ortner